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How it works?

Sick and tired of spam and unwanted mails that show up in your mailbox after a new registration?
Here's the solution!

You get your mail box, which is valid for 10 minutes (you can expand that time +10 minutes unlimited number of times).


  • Mailbox is valid for 10 minutes (you can easily expand +10 minutes)
  • You can not reply to a message
  • You will never get any e-mail from this mailbox to your's mailbox

The last point is a limitation due to the "password recovery" on various forums and websites - you will unable to do this

We are not holding mails - are removed after the expiry of the session.
We do not read your emails

On the basis of cookies I have no way of identifying the user. A cookie is also valid for 30 minutes (from session end) - to be able to retrieve mail when remembrance of him after a few minutes.